We work closely with Bidlogix, the creators of Bid.js, an auction plugin. We jumped in to assist a client of theirs who needed that additional support to implement it and build a site around the plugin.

We, being based in Kent, UK and our client working out of Baltimore, US could have been a challenge. But remote working is our bread and butter, and the 3,659 mile, and 5 hour timezone difference was never an issue.


There are clients that do not have the need for a full tech team. We step in and fill that role when needed.


Working with the client we created a project specification to work from

  • Create a site and install the Bid.js plugin
  • Set up Prismic CMS, and use custom templates. Doing this makes the process of page creation and content updates as simple as possible
  • Ensure that the site was set up for success by implementing the best quality code for great performance, SEO, accessibility and Best Practices.
  • Create branding - using the Logo as a base, our client gave us a brief of his vision, and we built out to create new branding for the full site
  • Setup to take deposit payment - at the end of the auction, customers need to secure the property with a deposit, adding this to the site removed the manual process
From Concept
To Production

We can help you create and scale your solution, or we can chat branding. It's in your hands.

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