Wilder Carbon

Case study

Wilder Carbon is a service that is there to enable investors to commit to projects that lock up carbon by reducing emissions and protecting biodiversity. The website focus needed to showcase the tools on offer and the range of projects. For their Trusted Deliverers there's also a member-only area to share resources and important communications.

With Climate Change a very prominent topic and COP26 as a major event for the year, it was key for the Wilder Carbon project team to have a website that delivered both to their technical partners and the wider audiences, a clear message of how they could tackle this crisis and restore UKs biodiversity at the same time.

It was complex and fun, and an honour to be involved in

Wilder Carbon website mobile mockups
The first Iteration


The Wilder Carbon team MVP (minimum viable product) was the website, showcasing the crisis, the solution and the UK-based projects that were in various states of completion.

So what did we do

First things first, we set up the website

  • Set up Prismic CMS, and use custom templates for all pages, including the Projects. Doing this makes the process of page creation and content updates as efficient as possible
  • Ensure that the site was set up for success by implementing the best quality code for great performance, SEO, accessibility and Best Practices.
  • Create branding - using the Logo as a base, Wilder Carbon client gave us a brief of their vision, and we built out to create new branding for the full site
  • Create a branded Interactive Map, showing the project locations around the UK linking into the finer details on the Project pages.
Woman looking at Wilder Carbon website on Tablet
Managing their relationships

CRM & Members Area

A couple of months after launch, the Members area of the site was unveiled. This enabled the Wilder Carbon team to communicate updates and press releases with their network of Trusted Deliverers. We used Auth0 to gate-keep this content, and created roles based on locations and organisation-type to ensure the right people had access to the right information.

We also integrated Hubspot CRM to help them capture website enquiries, funnel them through to the relevant teams and track their progress.

If you would like to take a look around Wilder Carbon or want to find out more on how to support them, head over to their website.

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