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We've founded Juniper Studio an agency that is passionate for creating great digital products and providing excellent services, that harnesses the 30+ years combined tech experience.

We consult, build & teach, and can bring our skills to anywhere in the world.

So, what's Juniper in a paragraph

The Juniper Studio has built a reputation to Design, Develop & Deliver high-quality, scalable, performant websites. Proud that we only ever deliver digital products that are 100% responsive, lightning-fast, SEO ready, and fully accessible, we apply the industry standard for best practices. Our sites are built using Gatsby.js; a framework that uses the power of React to create awesome products in a fraction of the time of traditional development teams. Powered by a super-simple, headless CMS that accelerates marketers when page building and publishing content. Harnessing Stripe payments, Mailchimp, Shopify, Google Analytics, GDPR compliance and more, there’s not much we cannot achieve. 

We build great relationships and great products. 

The Juniper Studio was established at the onset of the global lockdown period, with the primary objective of supporting clients in their digital transformation journeys. Over time, our scope of services has expanded, evolving into a full-fledged multidisciplinary agency. We leverage a network of highly skilled freelancers to deliver a broad range of services to our clients, including consulting on enterprise-level customer relationship management (CRM) system integrations such as Hubspot and Blackbaud, and training in Agile methodologies. Our company is deeply committed to promoting accessibility and inclusivity, and we are pleased to offer our support to Clear Safety in achieving relevant accreditations in this field.

Our team at Juniper possesses a wealth of experience honed in the technology industry, specifically in the management of technical teams and the execution of complex projects within fast-paced, product-driven environments. We have a proven track record of creating successful relationships and solutions, having worked with a diverse range of clients, including regional and national charities such as Kent Wildlife Trust and Glaucoma UK, as well as financial institutions such as Tide and JP Morgan Chase. Our experience in these fields allows us to bring a unique perspective and valuable insights to the table, enabling us to effectively support our clients in achieving their goals.

  • About the Team

  • Photo of Jodie Doubleday

    Full-Stack Developer & Founder

    Jodie Doubleday

    A clean-coding, hot sauce-making, beer-loving Developer. Competitive, creative and proud to build beautiful, accessible, user-friendly websites.

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  • Headshot of Nicki Lever

    UX Designer & Founder

    Nicki Lever

    Earned my stripes by working in creative, analytical and technical roles within the Travel & Research industry. I'm passionate about optimisation, consistency & making life easy for users.

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We've got a wide range of services available. From providing remote website setup and ad-hoc support through to rebranding and full consultative services, Check us out.


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