Carpenter & Cartwright - Auction, CMS and Replatform

Case study

Carpenter & Cartwright needed a site, to launch the online side of their furniture auctions. Using BidJS (auction SAAS plugin) to handle the auctions, these guys knew what they wanted; a site that represented their vision of their brand and the infrastructure to support selling.

Carpenter & Cartwright site on an iPhone 8


From the start, we worked closely with both Adam & Dean from Carpenter & Cartwright, and the team at Bidlogix, creators of BidJS auction plugin, to create a site that allowed them to showcase their services and products. We created a new site to home their furniture auctions and provided additional support to implement their branding vision and build a site around the plugin.

With us being based in Kent, UK and these guys 200+ miles away in Nottinghamshire, the distance wasn't an issue. Despite us never meeting in person, we met face-to-face via Google Hangouts almost every day throughout the project, to check-in and make sure everything was spot on.

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So what did we do

Working with C&C, we created a project specification to work from;

  • Create a site and install the BidJS plugin.
  • Set up Prismic CMS, and use custom templates. Doing this makes the process of page creation and content updates as simple as possible.
  • Ensure that the site was set up for success by implementing the best quality code for Great Performance, SEO, Accessibility and Best Practices.
  • Add in Google Analytics (GA) to level up and adapt to their users' behaviour.
  • Create Branding - using the Logo as a base, we worked with the client to interpret their vision into code and a new set of guidelines.

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