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The Curated Cranks concept: provide an online marketplace specifically for high-end, iconic used bikes. The team wanted the ability to catalogue and showcase bikes; to demonstrate each own unique story, show every detail of the bikes build as well as allowing people to get in touch to sell their bikes.

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Curated Cranks Website on a laptop


Curated Cranks, established in 2020, was created to serve the needs of the avid cyclists to bike collectors. Utilising BidJS to power their online marketplace, the brand around that needed to be created from the ground up.

The site needed to both draw users to browse and buy, as well as making it easy for any sellers to list.

So what did we do

The first thing we did was set up their CMS; we used Prismic, a clean Content Management System which allows users to edit online content from any device. To keep our finger on the pulse, we created a Trello board to allow everyone to keep track of the tasks. This was complemented by weekly 'video standups' to catch up.

Once the pages were set up in principle, we shared the Prismic repository with the Curated Cranks team and ran online training to allow them to get in and build their content out.

We then focussed on improving the speed and performance of the site, to do this we moved the code of the website to GatsbyJS, a simple static site generator which gives immediate performance improvements out-of-the-box. As a very visual piece, the galleries were important but can affect performance, so we worked on ensuring that this was mitigated; optimised all images to ensure we got page loading as fast as possible.

Quotation MarkJuniper made the process easy from start to finish.  They helped us define a brief that met our objectives and in turn were able to build our site exactly how we wanted it, without any fuss or trouble, often offering ideas and guidance to improve on our original visionQuotation Mark
Paul, Founder of Curated Cranks

Paul E

Founder, Curated Cranks

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Curated Cranks

If you would like to take a look around CC, head over to the new site*.

*Juniper Studio are not held responsible for any bikes you end up purchasing as a result of visiting this website

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