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Case study

Exclusive Fitness we looking at moving their website off of a legacy WordPress system in order to create a more friendly user experience for them and their customers. The Aim: Create an easily editable members area that will allow their clients to see Exclusive content.

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The Exclusive Fitness website has recently gone through a redesign within the last year, so didn't require major changes in layout, however, it did need a few tweaks to make the User Experience that little bit better, that's where The Juniper Studio came in. We set about looking at what big improvements we could make for end-users. One thing clearly stood out for us and that was speed/performance.

The owners also wanted a securely gated - Exclusive Members area, which would provide their paying customers with exclusive content, training guides, videos and offers.

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Quotation MarkWe were delighted with the work, and noticed an increase in enquiries via the website almost immediatelyQuotation Mark
Tom Forrest from Exclusive Fitness

Tom Forrest

Senior Trainer, Exclusive Fitness

So what did we do

The first thing we did was move their CMS to something a little more refined than WordPress, which is often daunting for website owners to use and update. In this instance, we used Prismic a clean Content Management System which allows users to edit online content from any device. We set up all their existing pages with the same quality content, images and videos they already had.

We then focussed on improving the speed and performance of the site, to do this we moved the code of the website to GatsbyJS, a simple static site generator which gives immediate performance improvements out-of-the-box. We optimised images and videos where possible and pushed to ensure we got page loading as fast as possible.

We then created a gated content area using Auth0. This enabled us to provide a secure location for users to enjoy all the amazing benefits of being an Exclusive Fitness member.