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Juniper was brought onboard to assist National charity Glaucoma UK with their WordPress site. There were some accessibility, security and technical issues that were hindering the content team in moving forward, and the aim of bring us onboard was to ensure that the tool enabled the team to generate content quickly and easily and that their users, some with varying levels of visual impairment, were free to access the content safely and without issue.

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In 2021 Juniper took on the Glaucoma UK project. The site had undergone a huge amount of work before it was taken over, but there were several issues that were stopping the team connect with their market.

Bringing onboard WordPress developer Dane Williams to share his expertise in the area, we worked incredibly closely early on to understand the expectations of Glaucoma UK, their users and to consult on opportunities that could further improve the overall experience whether medical professional, an individual experiencing glaucoma or someone in a support network.

So what did we do

Initially we commenced with a full audit to identify issues with security, performance and accessibility. These were addressed as a priority. There were also some features and functionality that needed to be added in. Part of the audit included the plugins, which were either updated, replaced with more suitable options or removed.

It was also the perfect opportunity to migrate the platform to a more robust and secure hosting service; and we used Siteground

By the end of this first phase, had to conform to WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

The next phase, was to support the team in moving the site forward

Taking a collaborative approach

Anyone with a vested interest in the website was encouraged to actively contribute to its success during a 12-month roadmapping session. The goal would of which was to come away with a clear idea of the platforms journey. 

We use the Kanban method to prioritise and visualise our workflows.  Throughout the first phase and ongoing support and development we used Trello to create and communicate tasks.

Meeting weekly with key team members, we check in to discuss what's happened and what's coming up. Maintaining open communications between the teams is critical to our successful relationship.


We made sure to be proactive with the aim to getting as close to or achieving AAA accessibility standards, and achieved this through some specific adjustments in certain areas.  We also presented ideas on improvements to make more intuitive, creating a world-class experience.

Quotation MarkWe'd highly recommend The Juniper Studio to anyone needing website support or design. The team feel like an extension of our internal department, they answer queries really quickly and we've found them to be incredibly transparent and reliable.Quotation Mark
Rachel Nunn, Head of Communications at Glaucoma UK

Rachel Nunn

Head of Communications, Glaucoma UK

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Glaucoma UK

We are huge advocates of accessibility so the opportunity to work with such an amazing charity, was a huge honour. Testament to our combined passion for the project we are pleased to be on this journey with the team at Glaucoma UK.

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