Case study

Parking4less provides cheap airport parking and hotels in the UK. In a competitive market, the website focus was to provide best-in-class for both page speed and SEO, enabling people to find airport parking across the UK and providing an easy route to book.

Parking4Less got in touch to see if we could assist with developing & host a fully-responsive website and migration of content from their current Content Management System to a quicker, simpler CMS whilst ensuring the same logical URL structure and Schema to avoid negative impact on the well established SEO history.

Once delivered, we continued to work on the project to monitor and adjust the site in line with the market changes.

Person viewing Parking4less website on mobile phone
First things first, the website

So what did we do

  • Set up Prismic CMS with a range of templates tailored to the Hotels and Parking categories.
  • Ensure that the site was set up for success by implementing the best quality code for great Performance, SEO, Accessibility and Best Practices.
  • Create branding - using the existing website as a base to create a vision, we built upon the existing branding with a few subtle changes to help update the UI across the site.
  • We also worked with their 3rd party fulfilment provider to consult on the branding changes needed to ensure end-to-end consistency to the user journey.
  • Create a blog with Rich Text schema, again to aid the site SEO.

Continuous Observation and Adjustments

SEO metrics change on an almost weekly basis, so to remain relevant it was fundamental to maintain a relationship where we were able to provide continual monitoring of industry changes and react quickly with adjustments.

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