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This project was for a cause very close to both our hearts, the not-for-profit South East Dog Rescue is based in Kent. Their focus needed to be on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of these lovely hounds so we reached out and provided a full overhaul to their site to make it simpler to use.

Their focus needed to be on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of these lovely hounds so we reached out and provided a full overhaul to their site. The aim: give them the ability to showcase their work, raise much-needed funds and automate their rehoming and adoption application forms.

And what a pleasure it was to do

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We had been on the lookout for a worthy project to donate some time to, and after hearing about their plight with raising funds for their kennels it was clear we had found our benefactor. The original site was running on Wordpress, but was set up several years before and had no ongoing development support. The team were able to do basic changes but it was too restrictive. We couldn't miss this opportunity to improve the customer journey and hopefully ease the manual processes that took them away from the dogs. We wanted to help their users see the dogs, understand how the adoption process works and self-serve as much as possible.

So what did we do

Working with SEDR, we created a project specification to work from

  • Set up Prismic CMS, and use custom templates. Doing this makes the process of page creation and content updates as simple as possible
  • Ensure that the site was set up for success by implementing the best quality code for great performance, SEO, accessibility and Best Practices.
  • Create branding - using the Logo as a base, our client gave us a brief of her vision, and we built out to create new branding for the full site
  • Create Dog showcase, where the dogs, their foster information, and details could be shared in a consistent format.
  • Create both Adoption and Rehoming forms that allowed the user to complete and submit, which was, in turn, routed to a designated email address at the rescue. Removing the need for paper-based or manual process of scanning/returning by email.
Quotation MarkCan I just say how much I love the 'current dogs' section, especially the highlighted quote from Missy's fosterer. That is absolutely bloody awesome!! Quotation Mark
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Enhancing donations by integrating with PayPal

In 2022, South East Dog Rescue needed to try to find new and engaging ways to raise vital funds for their rescue and rehabilitation efforts. We made a fun UI to choose a dog to sponsor and integrated with PayPal to speed the process up for their users.

South East Dog Rescue

South East Dog Rescue

If you would like to take a look around South East Dog Rescue or would like to support them, head over to the new site.


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