Cultivating a Greener Web Development Future

Jodie Doubleday
Jodie Doubleday

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Since our foundation in February 2020, we have been committed to green practices in our web development endeavours. In this blog post, we want to share the core values that drive our sustainability efforts and explore the steps we take to minimise the environmental footprint of us and our clients. From hosting choices to carbon offsetting, energy sources to technology preferences, and partnerships with eco-conscious organisations, discover how The Juniper Studio is redefining what it means to be a green web development company.

Green Web Hosting with Netlify and Amazon Web Services

At Juniper, our journey towards sustainability begins with responsible web hosting. We proudly host all our sites on Netlify, a platform that, in collaboration with AWS, is committed to using renewable energy. This ensures that the digital footprint of our hosted websites aligns with our green values. Learn more about our hosting choices and how they contribute to a cleaner, greener online presence. You can see our credentials on the Green Web Foundation.

Calculating and Offsetting Carbon Emissions

Understanding the environmental impact of our operations is crucial to our commitment. We employ tools like Digital Beacon to calculate the carbon used per year for each site we host. For CO2 we can’t reduce ourselves, we partner with Tree App, a certified B-Corp company, to offset these emissions. We are so proud of the trees we plant, that we even put a counter on the footer of our website to show how many trees we have planted.

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Fossil Fuel-Free Banking

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond web development. From the outset, we decided to pick a bank that would align with our green ideology. We carefully chose a bank using Bank Green, ensuring that our financial activities do not contribute to the fossil fuel industry, arms or the tobacco industry. We selected Monzo whose commitment to protecting the environment is well documented.

Solar-Powered Workstations and Green Energy

Working remotely doesn't mean compromising on sustainability. We now harness solar energy to power our workstations and use batteries to avoid putting further strain on the grid when it is overloaded (and potentially using more fossil fuels). When grid power is necessary, we turn to Octopus Energy, a green energy supplier, to keep our operations in harmony with the environment.

Technology Choices for a Greener Tomorrow

The technology we use matters. Explore how our preference for static sites over resource-intensive platforms like WordPress helps us reduce our carbon footprint by over 70%. Learn how our commitment to eco-friendly technology extends beyond development, influencing our overall environmental impact.

Video Calls and Carbon Savings

Communication plays a pivotal role in our operations. Our preference for video calls over physical meetings contributes to significant carbon savings. In the last six months alone, our cumulative carbon emissions from video calls were less than a short 12-mile car journey, showcasing the environmental benefits of our digital-first approach. Of course, there are times when physical meetings are required and when we do need to travel, we travel green.

Eco-Friendly Travel Initiatives

When travel is necessary, Juniper takes a green approach. We use electric cars for our journeys, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to cleaner air. Moreover, we've introduced an electric car/electric bike/cycle-to-work scheme (salary sacrificed) for some of our clients and their teams, encouraging sustainable commuting practices and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. If you are looking for your business to go green why not get in touch?

Juniper laptop whilst co-working from Coachworks

Partnerships with Like-Minded Organisations

We believe in the power of collaboration. Learn about our partnerships with Wilder Carbon and Kent Wildlife Trust, organisations that share our commitment to conservation, sustainability, and the planet's well-being. If you are seeking a green web development team, we invite like-minded individuals and businesses to connect with us and join our mission.

Our commitment to fit the climate crisis

Our dedication to carbon neutrality and how we can actively work towards making a positive environmental impact has become a mission we have taken on and pledged action by joining Tech Zero: A climate action group for tech companies of all sizes committed to fighting the climate crisis, who (like us) believe that by joining forces, faster progress can be made to net zero.

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From the code we write to the partnerships we form, every aspect of our business is infused with a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. As we continue to evolve and innovate, our dedication to environmental responsibility remains unwavering. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable web development landscape, where every click brings us closer to a healthier planet.


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