Juniper: an Offical Netlify Partner

Nicki Lever
Nicki Lever

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We are pleased to announce that we are now an official Netlify Agency Partner.  This reaffirms our commitment to building better digital experiences for our Clients using Jamstack tools and workflows. 

Jamstack already allows us to deliver ultra-fast websites at a high velocity, with a secure infrastructure, and the ability to scale without high complexity or high cost.

JAMstack Delivers Fater websites, More secure infrastructure, High scale without high complexity and Improved developer experience

What does this mean for our clients (i.e. You)?

As an official partner, we can now work directly with Netlify, and discuss your upcoming project and its potential growth going forward. This means that as your business grows we can both be there to ensure the technology stack you use can handle your growth. It really helps us shape our projects better, build better strategies with our clients and to develop and deliver faster.

We will also be one of the first to know of any emerging technology from the Netlify team, keeping your website at the forefront of fast and powerful Jamstack.


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