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Jodie Doubleday
Jodie Doubleday

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Nobody likes change, especially if it costs more money, however from January 1st 2023 our pricing and packages are changing. In this post, we will outline what the changes are and how they might affect you or your business.

Support & Maintenance

There will be no change to the price of our Support & Maintenance packages, in fact, we are delighted to announce we have now added some extra features which might save you money 🤑.

  • Hosting is now included in all our Support & Maintenance packages saving you up to £100 a year - Your free hosting will come into effect on hosting renewals.
  • Small and Medium Business packages now benefit from extra Content Management System users, customisable emails and extra form submissions.


We are introducing a monthly direct debit as part of our product offering, for £10 a month you can spread the cost of your hosting, great for early startups. For those who pay for hosting annually, our charge is increasing by £10 to £100p/a - Paying annually means you get 2 months of hosting free based on our monthly costs. This is a saving we get from our service provider that we are passing directly to you. Find out more about our hosting packages.

Content Management Users

As part of our web development service, we previously offered 3 user logins to the Prismic Content Management System to all our customers as standard. We would reserve one of these logins in order to help fix any bugs or issues which might arise during the lifecycle of your website.

As of 1st January 2023, we can no longer offer this as part of our service. By default, users will get a single login as standard and ownership of the Prismic Repo will be assigned to you. This means the team at The Juniper Studio will no longer have access to Prismic once your project is live and signed off.

Once the Prismic repo is assigned to you, it's possible for you to add and manage users, charges may apply and are paid directly by you to Prismic.

What if bugs turn up after go-live?

Of course we will fix any bugs that arise after your website goes live, these will need to be scheduled and assessed. We may charge for work based on the outcome of the assessment. You can also take a look at our Support & Maintenance packages which ensures the health and happiness of your website with regular updates and support.

Why we need to change

The simple answer is that the cost of the technology we use daily has increased dramatically over the last year. Most services we use are charged in US Dollars, in September 2022 we saw the British Pound's value severely decrease, which led to costs jumping by almost 30% overnight. We have tried out hardest to absorb these costs in the hope things would return, but as a small business we, unfortunately, can't sustain the underlying cost increases.

If you have any questions about these changes or who it might affect you specifically, please get in touch.


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